All About Mableton

  • Mission: To provide engaging STEAM lessons and empower students to collaborate and persevere through challenges.
  • Vision: Fostering the next generation of leaders to meet the challenges of the global society through innovation, collaboration, and creative problem solving.
  • Title I School Since 2006
  • Enrollment: 1000 Students
  • Kindergarten – 5th Grade Dual Language Immersion Program
  • Low Incidence Units – AU, MOID, MID, EBD
  • Accelerated Content 4th Grade & 5th Grades

Why STEAM at Mableton?

We expect that an emphasis on design and problem solving in all classrooms will allow students to use cross-disciplinary tools for discovery and for developing solutions to problems that are open-ended. The increased focus on performance-based instruction gives students an understanding of the relationships of STEAM areas as they are used in the real world beyond the classroom walls.   Consequently, STEAM education shifts students away from learning isolated facts, to experience-based inquiry with major opportunities for independent learning. Students design, model, and test solutions, analyze data and report their findings to their peers in the school or even to others over the Internet.